Self Care

Self Care - Those two words that have become mainstream in recent years. The two words that make people break out of their daily race and book a massage or get a mani-pedi and at the end go back to hamster wheel.

But Self care is so much more than that.

Here are some of the ways you could indulge in self care

  1. Start your morning with some alone time

  2. Take the time for your health & fitness

  3. Eat a well planned and healthy breakfast

  4. Enjoy your morning tea/coffee/smoothie without any distractions

  5. Enjoy your shower, get a product that’s may be handmade ot has a lovely fragrance

  6. Say YES only when you truly feel it

  7. Say NO if that's what you heart says

  8. Take time to reflect on your day

  9. Take time for a “guilty pleasure” - reading/writing/dancing/cooking

  10. End your day with some time to think and contemplate

These are the things that self care is really about. Our mindsets and limiting beliefs keep us from having it all, I am a mom of 2, working professional and an entrepreneur. I learnt how to change my mindset to allow me to be so much more and to start reaching my potential and it all started when I learnt to care for myself.

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