Health & Fitness

A bit about my journey to a healthier me

I had been on a fitness regime before lifting weights and pretty much killing myself. Once I returned from the gym too exhausted to do much else, I would barely get through a few of my tasks. I managed to maintain my weight but was definitely not leading the ideal vision of a healthy and vibrant human.

It was only as I attended a health and fitness workshop did I realize that at the rate I was going, I was not trending towards perfect agility, strength and mobility in my 70's or 80's. This is when I decided it was time for a change and I started my training as a holobody coach, my journey for health was not like the rest. There were no before and after pictures, no one yelling and screaming in my ears asking me to do another push up. On the contrary, my training involved understanding my body and trying to uncover it's potential.

As I understood my body better, I saw another subtle shift in myself, I was beginning to make time for myself, saying no to things that didn't bring me joy, saying yes to things that I had made a habit of saying no to and most of all acknowledging my body. I had a true appreciation for my body, she bears so many scars and she has continued to be there each and everyday, tirelessly picking herself up, healing herself and showing up for the next task/adventure/mission/demand. WOW!!! I could also do a few more things physically, I finally was able to do pushups and planks, I was beginning to do strength training and actually enjoying it (I hated it before and ran in the opposite direction at the sight of dumbbells) And this was my transformation or so I thought, until April of this year.

In April, We were in Guatemala for a family vacation and on my birthday I wanted to hike up the Acatenango to see the volcanic eruptions. It was by far the toughest hike I had undertaken, the climb to the summit had us on all fours at times, but I did it, in fact I enjoyed it and the bigger and better test, after we hiked down, I lounged, enjoying the pictures of the hike for an hour and was out an about again like it was just business as usual, like I just hike mountains everyday :) and that is when I realized the physical and mental transformation that had taken place. What my body managed to do so gracefully was spectacular and today, I have the perfect body for the future I envision. A future involving an abundance of energy, strength, agility and mobility to seek new experiences and go on new adventures.!

Reach out to me if you would like to embark on your journey of transformation, I would be delighted to help you uncover your own potential!